Rates below are for Consultations, Personal Assistant, and Guided Meditation services. 

Rates and services are subject to change.
30 min. $60

60 min $90

90 min $120

120 min $150

This service entails a review of your health background, lifestyle and environment.  We identify root causes of your top 5 concerns and customize a plan of action for the month and discuss future opportunities. Herbal recommendations are also discussed in each session. These sessions are conducted in-person, live video conference, or phone call.  

Personal Assistant         
You have a plan, but where do you start?  Hire me as your personal assistant to revamp the food in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.  Let’s go grocery shopping together!   I will point out where all the “go to” foods are and save you time of reading every label in the grocery store.  Having trouble coming up with tasty recipes?  We can put together a meal plan and come up with satisfying alternatives to your favorite “naughty” foods.

Guided Meditation

We carry stress, depression and anxiety in every cell of our body. This can cause external health issues and internal issues that prevent us from improving ourselves.  A guided meditation recommended for those that are uncomfortable with hypnotherapy but want a break from our every day stressful environment.

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